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As part of the investment process, we have conducted countless CEO and executive interviews, and found this to be an invaluable use of time.

We bring the audio interview to you. At The Wall Street Resource, we provide the access.

For management, this is an extremely cost effective way to reach the right investors. There is no travel, or conference expense, and you are not beholden to an investment bank.  The Wall Street Resource provides a great way for management and investors to leverage their time.

Listener Benefits

  • A starting point for due diligence
  • Professional investors can leverage their time
  • Nonprofessional investors get access to what they otherwise would not
  • Learn more about companies you follow
  • Discover new ideas

Presenter Benefits

  • Great venue for getting your company story out, or for clarifying and detailing a special situation (new product, acquisition…)
  • Reach the right investors
  • No travel time and expense
  • Not beholden to an investment bank
  • Extremely cost effective

Interviewer’s background

Managing Member and portfolio manager of a microcap fund for over 15 years. Securities experience that encompasses almost all aspects of the industry (buy side, sell side, retail, institutional and investment banking). Degree from University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Business, emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

Upcoming webcasts

Verb Technology Company, Inc. (VERB)

Rory Cutaia CEO

Thursday January 23, at 8:00 a.m. PST

Verb Technology Company, Inc. (VERB) is rapidly emerging as the market leader in interactive video-based customer relationship management (“CRM”) sales and marketing applications. VERB provides next-generation CRM lead generation, sales enablement, and video marketing software applications to sales-based organizations in 60 countries and in 48 languages. The Company’s proprietary and patent-pending technology platform produces real-time, measurable results with some customers reporting greater than 600% increases in conversion rates. The Company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) products are cloud-based, accessible on all mobile and desktop devices, and are available by subscription for individual and enterprise users. The Company’s technology is integrated into popular ERP, CRM, and marketing platforms, including Oracle NetSuite, Adobe Marketo, and integrations into, Odoo, and Microsoft, among others that are underway.

Intellicheck, Inc. (IDN)

Bryan Lewis, CEO

Tuesday January 28, at 8:00 a.m. EST

Intellicheck, (NYSE American:IDN) is a trusted industry leader in technology solutions that stop identity theft and fraud with real-time identification authentication and age verification.  We make it possible for our clients to increase revenues, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. Under new direction, the company is focused on partnering with banks, credit card issuers and retailers to prevent fraud. Intellicheck also serves law enforcement agencies, national defense clients and divorce state and federal government agencies.

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Risk Qualifier

SPECULATIVE: Microcap stocks bear significantly higher risk and volatility than larger companies, and typically cannot be valued by normal fundamental criteria. Investments in stocks may result in material loss.